She's pro-life and I'm pro-choice.
She is a believer and I am a heretic.
She has faith and I don't know what I believe in.
She believes in "family values" and I don't believe in anything you can put "" around.
She believes in Truth and I believe in truth.
She sees beauty in creation, I see beauty in destruction.
She wants a big happy family just like the one she had when she was little and I want a passionate but tragic love story, a son, a bestseller and to drown myself in the bathtub.
And still I love her. More than anything in this whole wide world. And sometimes when I look into her eyes... I think I know what I believe in. I think I can see God in there.


  1. Красотата е в кратките неща. И на английски.

    1. Именно. Как да не обичаш човек, който те кара да пишеш така?